Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

McCloskey Consultants Inc. in Danville, CA has provided Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment, PEA school assessment, remediation of soil and groundwater, vapor mitigation, and geological assessment services at a very large number of private properties as well as school sites with regulatory oversight. This has helped our professionals become very familiar with the process, requirements and the regulatory agency personnel.

Our Services Include:

  • Phase 1: ESA – Environmental Site Assessments

  • Phase 2: Site Investigations

  • Phase 3: Soil and Ground Water Mitigation and Remediation

McCloskey Consultants Inc.

School Services

When state funds are used for new K – 12 school sites, or significant expansion of existing schools, it requires the involvement of the California Department of Toxic Substance Control to determine if natural or man-made contamination is present. The first step in site evaluation is the preparation of a Preliminary Endangerment Assessment (PEA). If natural or man-made contaminants are identified that are a health risk, a Removal Action Work Plan (RAW) is usually required. Our team has tremendous experience preparing RAWs and has built relationships with the overseeing regulatory agencies which is very helpful in the execution of projects.
Soil sample testing 

Geologic Hazards Evaluation Expertise

McCloskey Consultants Inc.

Along the western margin of California two major plates of the earth’s crust are colliding. To humans the rate of motion is only perceptible when an earthquake abruptly provides notice that this is occurring. Surface rupture is common along many of the earthquake faults and must be avoided when building or site improvement occurs. Through careful site investigation the location and frequency of surface rupture along a fault trace can be determined. McCloskey Consultants can provide their services if your property lies close to a mapped fault trace.

Another manifestation of colliding tectonic plates is the pressure of uplifted mountain ranges and structurally controlled basins, such as the San Francisco Bay Block. The uplift can create steep, unstable slopes that can be subject to failure and landsliding. This hazard can be evaluated by our firm as well, should you need such services.

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