There are many challenging issues when it comes to environmental issues. Below are a few of the most common we have encountered.

McCloskey Consultants Inc.Q. It seems there are a number of overlapping site cleanup criteria, which ones do I
need to use?
A. Yes, there are DTSC, RWQCB, USEPA guidelines that may or may not apply to your property, depending on the contaminants and the likely agency who may review the site conditions. Which guidelines to apply are also important, e.g. will there be human contact with the affected area through ingestions or inhalation, or a leaching potential to groundwater? In addition, landfill disposal sites have their own criteria! We can help you sort this out.

Q. If I have soil that exceeds hazardous waste levels for contaminants, like lead or DDT, what are my options to avoid very expensive disposal?
A. We often find contaminants in limited areas, like lead around the perimeter of a build from flaking of lead-based paint and DDT from pest control spraying, which exceed California hazardous waste thresholds but not Federal thresholds. This means that the soil can be disposed out of state as a non-hazardous waste while avoiding otherwise expensive California disposal. In addition, if the affected soil is excavated, stockpiled, and resampled the concentration will often be much lower, allowing non-hazardous waste disposal at a California landfill.

Q. Another consultant is telling me that asbestos exceeding 1% in rock and baserock needs to be handled as a hazardous waste, and this is very expensive, please advise.
A. The State of California has determined that this occurrence is naturally-occurring and therefore exempt as a hazardous waste. We have a copy of this determination and have helped several property owners save millions of dollars on this issue.

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