Over 30 Years of Technical Experience McCloskey Consultants Inc.

Located in Danville, CA, McCloskey Consultants, Inc. offers top-of-the-line professional environmental (hazardous materials) and geologic hazards services for residential and commercial developers and K – 12 School districts across Northern and Central California. Our firm’s expertise is in the performance of Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, PEA School Assessments, site cleanups, and geological investigations including naturally occurring asbestos and investigation of earthquake surface rupture and avoidance.

Environmental Investigation and Mitigation is our Forte

McCloskey Consultants Inc.When necessary, we work closely with the selected Regulatory Agency in the due diligence evaluation of properties before purchase and development, site sampling of soil, soil vapor and/or groundwater. If site remediation becomes prudent, we are highly skilled in designing and implementing cleanup activities and documenting that the property is safe for the intended uses. We have obtained site closures on many, many properties for our clients.